Science can be fun when done right, along with your family. At Big Little Festival, enter the fascinating world of fun science.


Slime Fest

The gelatinous plasticine loved by children from all over the world makes its appearance right at Big Little Festival. Arm yourself with some fun and dare to take part with your little ones in the most gooey experience!

Elephant Toothpaste

Ever wondered how an elephant brushes its teeth? At Big Little Festival, you’ll be able to make the popular elephant toothpaste in a spectacular chemestry workshop.

Dino Hunt

You have 30 minutes to find all the hidden answers in Dino Parc. And you will receive medals, but only if you get them right. Just kidding, at Big Little Festival everyone is a winner.

The Dinosaur Olympics

What was Protoceratops’ nickname? Or why does Stegosaurus have little flags on its back? During Big Little Festival, visit Dino Parc and pay attention to the information around the park. Take the test and get your paleontologist diplomas and badges.

Eematico STEAM Kits

At Big Little Festival, we encourage learning through play for the whole family. The Eematico kits, along with instructions from dedicated trainers will help you rediscover the great connection between you and your child. The toy that you build is yours to take home.

Volcano & Shake Table

Do you know how it feels when a Seismosaurus family passes by you? Or how would a volcanic eruptuion would feel? You can try both at Big Little Festival, in Dino Parc.