Râșnov Fortress becomes a fort of knowledge, by learning through play. A variety of activities meant to stimulate creativity and imagination will bring fun, but also education through art and culture for the whole family.


The Bookster Library

Bookster is the first book access facilitating platform that also encourages personal and career development through reading. And they are coming to Big Little Festival with many book related activities and a book donation event: bring a book with you to the festival, donate it and help improve a library for the Râșnov community.

Art Stage

The specially designed stage will host theater shows, like the popular „Cutiuța muzicală”, and family movies and cartoons, available through Voyo, all for the families’ amusement.

Medieval Crafts

Join us at the medieval crafts workshop where you’ll be able to experience how people used to live centuries ago. You can learn old ways of writing, how to paint with natural colors or how to make toys and jewelry the medieval way.