Are you ready for adventure? At Big Little Festival you have plenty of areas to test your bravery and have fun with your family.


The Dino Train

The Dino Train takes your whole family through the whole Dino Parc, around the central building, near the exhibition houses, laser maze and arts&crafts workshops, under the adventure trail and by the prehistoric lake . You can hop into the train at Jurassic Station and ride it for about 8 minutes and half a kilometer.

The Laser Maze

Are you 007 fans? Well, this is the best place for you to be! You can practice your spy moves in this maze. But make sure you don’t touch the laser or will set off the alarm! The laser maze is located in Dino Parc.

Adventure Trail

At Big Little Festival, you can prove your bravery on the adventure trail located in Dino Parc. If you dare to climb it, you’ll have to go 100m of obstacle track  at 6 meters high. Please have in mind that you must be over 130cm tall to access it.

9D Cinema

Can you imagine living in the time of dinosaurs? At Big Little Festival you actually can, in the 9d Cinema in Dino Parc! You’ll feel the chairs moving, how the wind blows, how it snows or rains, all while you stroll among dinosaurs. Watch out! Don’t let them catch you!